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June is almost here, and after the first weekend of the opening of the city after the end of the state of alarm, the beaches of Benidorm came to life again. The excellent weather, added to the desire to enjoy the sandbanks of our city, returned to give the image of normality that we had been waiting for so long, with thousands of tourists visiting the pleasant promenades and filling their premises.

In addition, as every year, Benidorm renews the distinctive that recognizes the quality of the waters and services of its beaches and ports, the 'Blue Flag'.

For its part, and since last week, the City Council has issued a statement in which it explains how to visit the beaches, maintaining the previously existing subdivision in the sandy areas of Levante, Poniente and Mal Pas to guarantee the distance from security between users; but that at the moment it is not necessary to reserve these places. The main novelty included in the statement refers to "bathing and stay hours on the beaches and coves", which "in general" will be "from 07:00 to 22:30."

The plots will continue to be 16 square meters, and may be occupied by a maximum of four people, being able to increase to five if one of them is less than 6 years old.

The entrance to the beaches and coves will be carried out only through the authorized places, recommending that users wear footwear adapted to the surface to be traveled (walkways, ramps ...). Access to the bathing area must also be made through the areas set up for this purpose.

You can walk along the shore of the beach keeping the minimum safety distance of 1.5 meters, being mandatory the use of a mask. For these walks a strip of 6 meters is established, counting from the shore, in which only those under 10 years of age may remain seated, lying or immobile.

The safety distance of 1.5 meters must also be maintained at the crossroads with other users or non-cohabiting groups, both in the bathing area and on the sand.

Sports practice is also allowed in the areas enabled for it on a permanent basis, such as beach volleyball and beach soccer; while the use of footbaths is authorized but is limited only when leaving the beach.

It should be said that the Benidorm City Council will determine the next planning for the beaches at the end of this month of May, in which the services to be provided from next June 1 will be established, which are expected to be less restrictive than until now, due to the good functioning and the good behavior of the visitors during all this time. Efficiency, comfort and acceptance among users has been the key to this success.

(Sources: DiarioInformación / AlicantePlaza / ElPeriòdic)

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