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Despite being the busiest tourist destination in Spain, Benidorm's beaches are considered the safest in the country.

This is due to the fact that our beaches have an excellent first-aid service throughout the year, which in high season multiplies the numbers, with up to sixty lifeguards, to which must be added the Health Emergency Technicians, four static ambulances. , nurses, local police, beach chiefs and rescue boats.

Making what for any other coastal city was a crazy day, in Benidorm is a quiet day despite the thousands of bathers who visit our beaches daily.

Due to the excellent climate, in Benidorm there are bathers throughout the year, even in the winter months, for this reason since 2002 the presence of the lifeguard service has also been extended in the low season months.

Being active all year round has led to the increasing professionalization of these "beach watchers", maintaining more stable staff and increasingly experienced in any type of incident that may occur. Although most of these incidents are negligence on the part of the bather by not following the instructions of the lifeguards who ensure their safety at all times.

These indications are common sense, even so they are signposted and are continuously repeated by any security officer on the beaches of Benidorm, such as not entering the sea with a red flag, coming in some time slots in which there is not an abundant sun and to always be very aware of the children, who in case of loss are quickly found due to the excellent communication between all the workers distributed along the beaches.

The beaches of Benidorm, in addition to forming a bay, are oriented to the south, which also reduces the risk of the possible dangers that any other beach may have in terms of waves or currents, making them a perfect place for bathing or swimming.

So despite the clichés, our beaches are the safest in the country despite the influx of tourists throughout the year.

(Source: Aquí en Benidorm)

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