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Live in the Costa Blanca,

Quality of life

Spain in general is a beautiful country, with lots of nature and endless beaches , with majestic mountains and an immense gastronomic and cultural offer. They are all in love with their homeland and, wherever they are from, proudly affirm that their town or province is the best in the world to live. We are from the Costa Blanca and we believe that it is the best region to live and enjoy life. Why? Well, here we leave you some tests of our reasoning, we hope they will help you to clarify your doubts.

The Costa Blanca .

The Costa Blanca is the Mediterranean coast of the province of Alicante with almost 250 kilometers of splendid beaches and coves with crystal clear waters . It is the coast with the most Blue Flags in all of Spain, distinctive for the excellence in the quality of its waters and its sandy areas.

In turn, this coastal landscape is interspersed with beautiful mountainous landscapes , turning the Costa Blanca into a place of beautiful natural contrasts . You can find practically everything: lakes, mountains, valleys, cliffs, marshes, forests ... and of course, as we have already said, beautiful beaches; from lively sandy beaches to secluded and quiet coves .


On the other hand, the excellent location of the Costa Blanca , provides excellent communication with any part of Europe and Great Britain, the airports of Valencia and Alicante are only one hour away and offer daily flights to and from a large number of different European cities. . Along with being provided with any type of service , such as transport, health, shopping centers, restaurants of all kinds ...


If you move to the Costa Blanca, you will have no reason to leave here to enjoy a great vacation whatever time of year it is. Without a doubt, the quality of life that this diverse region offers you is practically infinite.


Unbeatable weather.

The climate of the Costa Blanca is recognized by the World Health Organization as one of the best in the world . It is a very stable climate with an average annual temperature of 20ºC and more than 320 sunny days a year . It is a well known fact that climate and lifestyle affect health, people who live in hot and sunny climates are generally happier and live much more relaxed than those who live in cold and humid climates.


During autumn and winter, the average temperature is around 20ºC. While in spring and summer, temperatures are around 28ºC, with average maximums of 33ºC and minimums of 17ºC, with hardly any rain or cloudy days . All this accompanied by an excellent thermal sensation at any time of the year .


You will also find towns such as Benidorm, which due to its orographic location, has an excellent "microclimate" as it is surrounded by various mountain ranges and the Mediterranean Sea itself, "protecting" it from rainfall and cold fronts that may suffer in other locations.




Mediterranean gastronomy .

The international prestige of Spanish gastronomy is well known , which continues to grow day after day. And especially, that of the Mediterranean diet , we guarantee that you will enjoy a healthy, imaginative and, above all, very varied cuisine when you come to the Costa Blanca. In fact, the Mediterranean gastronomy for which Spain is famous was recognized by UNESCO for its cultural importance as it goes beyond the food it consists of.

It is the culture that Spain promotes around this diet: social interaction , respect for the environment, biodiversity and the preservation of traditional activities related to local agriculture and fishing.


The Costa Blanca is rich in a multitude and variety of resources : fish, seafood, vegetables, vegetables, fruits, wines, rice ... endowing the region with an incalculable value in terms of the quality of its products.


In a study carried out in 2012, it was found that people who regularly follow a Mediterranean diet obtained better scores on the healthy life scale, directly related to quality of life, which includes both physical and mental health variables.


In addition, in any of the towns on the Costa Blanca, you can find establishments with a great diversity of cuisine , from the famous paellas to food from a multitude of cultures and regions.

Comiendo paella

Culture and Leisure .

Spain is incredibly diverse in history and culture . It has an outstanding multicultural heritage . And you can see it in all areas of Spanish social life, especially in the variety of parties or festivals throughout the country, especially the diversity of parties that the Costa Blanca has .

It is worth visiting the 'Moors and Christians' festival, the 'Hogueras de San Juan' in almost all the coastal towns of the province of Alicante, 'Habaneras' in Torrevieja ... and many more. But each village, town and city has its own monthly calendar of holy days and festivals as well. Each holiday has a specific meaning for the local community, which is always ready to share its culture with visitors.


It also provides fun for all ages ; with theme parks such as Terra Mítica, Aqualandia or Mundomar in Benidorm; Aquópolis de Torrevieja or Polapark in Santa Pola.

Outdoor activities for the whole family, such as water sports , sailing, hiking, cycling ...

On a professional level, the Costa Blanca hosts national and international sporting events such as the World Padel Tour, the Vuelta Ciclista a España or the Volvo Ocean Race. Its excellent climate and its orography make the Costa Blanca the ideal destination for athletes of great international prestige and athletes from all over the world to choose it for their training and preseason training.

Without forgetting culture, this land is full of museums, castles and historical monuments worth visiting. Towns full of history and beauty among their streets attest to this, such as Guadalest, Benidorm or Altea.


Of course, the range is very wide and you will find cultural, recreational or sports activities for all tastes and ages, from music festivals to idyllic walks along the seashore. If you come to live here, you will never be bored.




Security , Tranquility and Family .

The high quality of life in Spain, especially on the Costa Blanca , with its healthy climate throughout the year and easy access to nature are also complemented by the most modern services in a multitude of languages , such as first-class medical assistance, spas and spas . Spain is endowed with one of the best health systems in the world, and focused on the current global health pandemic, the Costa Blanca has been one of the regions with the lowest incidence in the entire Spanish territory; thanks to security initiatives and protocols that have been at the forefront of world tourism. A clear example has been the multitude of measures and protocol controls carried out successfully in the city of Benidorm.

Not only is this region very well provided with health security, but also with excellent citizen security. According to OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) statistics, Spain has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The Costa Blanca in particular is quite idyllic and a very safe destination for tourists and business people.


Besides, the notion of family has a deep-rooted importance in the Spanish way of life, and we are sure that you will feel at home the moment you arrive.

It is not uncommon to walk into an establishment and see entire families sitting together, day or night. Spanish social traditions pay special attention to children. A warm and welcoming land with the best infrastructure for families .


If, on the contrary, what you want is to retire , or you are already retired and dream of living with the greatest tranquility and relaxation possible , on the Costa Blanca you will undoubtedly have found your home. Not only for its perfect climate and good ecological environment, but also for the low prices of housing , food and leisure in general. It should be noted that the real estate offer on the Costa Blanca is very wide and here you can find from excellent apartments near the beach for a very low price to exclusive villas with large gardens, swimming pools with sea views and their own golf courses.


Nature and Ecotourism .

If you are tired of the hustle and bustle of a big city, and want to immerse yourself in a world where nature and ecology are within your reach , on the Costa Blanca you will find the perfect place for it.


The Costa Blanca will not only provide you with sun and beach , but also offers its residents a lot of diversity in terms of natural corners . It has a contrast of landscapes such as the steep cliffs of the Marina Alta, the beaches of the Vega Baja del Segura, the mountains (Montgó, Sierra Helada, etc.), the lagoons and the salt flats.

The ecological variety means that we can find up to five natural parks : El Montgó, El Marjal Oliva-Pego, the Peñón de Ifach, Sierra Helada and the Lagunas de la Mata and Torrevieja. As well as wooded mountains , waterfalls and natural pools such as Fuentes del Algar and marine reserves with a large presence of migratory birds and typical Mediterranean species, such as on the Island of Tabarca or the Island of Benidorm, in which the animal and plant richness is remarkable. of the posidonia meadows, very well preserved.


As you can see, the Costa Blanca is a land full of landscape variety and contrasts , all of them bathed in the incalculable beauty that only the Mediterranean sun can provide.




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